Cup of Woes!

India is a land of stark contrasts: look at two dates, March 24 and 26, this year. Separated by just a day, these two dates tell their own sordid story. If March 24 held the mirror to the nation to a lurking danger, March 26 is billed to be the day India would have conquered the world. On March 24 India got reminded of the grim reality of fatal Tuberculosis having returned with vengeance. We largely chose to ignore the writing on the wall. A day later a billion plus population nervously sleeps on the edge dreaming of the Cup. Fetish for numbers in India is indeed selective. Swine flu death toll here at 1911 and rising every minute does not really hurt! Besides being the diabetes capital, India has highest number of heart attack deaths. Children & women malnutrition levels are abysmal. India! India! India! swine flu

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