Move on India!

It may not make you puke as much as the last ball six of Chetan Sharma by Javed Miandad at Sharjah.The beating today in WC Semis has though hurt grievously. As Miandad swung his arms on April 18, 1986, India’s confidence took an unprecedented beating. That was about 30 years ago. India then was a poor laggard. India has today not only firmed its place among the top cricket teams but counts among the most promising global economies. Keen to conquer whatever it surveys, a defeat is sure hard to digest, especially for the young and restless. As a driven mature nation, we must learn to take defeat in our stride. Sight of security personnel outside Dhoni’s house shows the ugly side of treating cricket as religion. Move on India! Serious work to be done..

Security outside Dhoni's house in Ranchi Pic Courtesy: ANI
Security outside Dhoni’s house in Ranchi
Pic Courtesy: ANI/Firstpost

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