#WC15: Not Kiwis, Cricket is the big loser!

Congratulations are in order to team Australia! If India capitulated to Aussies in Semis, Kiwis flattered to deceive today. Both the semi-final and final turned out to be non-events. Aussies faced no or little competition, especially during the last two most critical legs of the tournament. As team Australia soaks in the moment, it ought to miss the thrill of a close finish. A victory without a challenge is a walk-over!  And true champions are not born out of walk-overs. Sporting excellence is all about making the top grade in face of stiff competition. This World Cup failed to truly enthuse from day one. Neither any big upsets nor many close finishes (when it mattered). It finally ended in a whimper. Yes, there is a winner! But do spare a thought for the loser:Not Kiwis but the Game of Cricket

Courtesy: AP
Courtesy: AP

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