‘Missed Call’ Democracy!

This fiscal closes with an interesting battle for ‘supremacy’. This time it is not about India Inc but about the number one party claim. As BJP claims to be world’s No 1 party with 8.8 core members, rattled Congress calls the ruling party a “missed call” party. BJP got to the imposing number in flat 143 days. A comparable statistic incidentally comes from the wireless mobility domain. India took almost 24 years to reach 955 million wireless subscribers (as of January end this year). Driven by its missed call strategy, BJP now aims to race to 10-crore mark. Are these numbers for real? If wireless world holds the mirror then there indeed is a gap between connections and active users. Bogus members is a challenge that BJP would ignore to its peril. Membership drive is healthy. But sure avoid call drops?

Pic Courtesy: Livemint
Pic Courtesy: Livemint

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