Vitality Scores Over Virality!

Women empowerment campaign just got a mega ‘makeover’. With Deepika exercising her freedom to choose, she has taken upon herself the role of not only speaking but deciding for about 628 million women in India! It is after all her choice to choose a role for herself and decide what matters most to women. Sex either before or after marriage or even better no sex, she makes her choice clear. The YouTube stats, like the video, are revealing. No doubt Deepika is in vogue! No such luck though for recent photograph shot as part of a educational project and depicting a woman menstruating on popular image sharing platform. The pic courted controversy not views, leave alone going viral. Jamia students’ anti-rape campaign using sanitary napkins invited a show-cause notice. Style over substance? Let women make the choice

Screenshot of Deepika Video
Screenshot of Deepika Video

2 thoughts on “Vitality Scores Over Virality!

  1. Deepika in particular and english consuming populace in general have taken onus of representing all the females of this country.Ohh I forgot,Arnab had the copyright..right?
    Deepika is an extremely savvy markeeter and she does this tricks when her movies are around the corner.
    I wish the english consuming janta would understand and give dignity to the real women and her cause.


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