The ‘restless’ 140-character generation!

“Son of a famous father, father of a famous son! That leaves me no where!” This short bio on 140-character social media site has pitched yesteryear’s Bobby against Baby Doll of the millennial generation. Such is the impact of Twitter that 62-year old Rishi Kapoor is suddenly the flavour of the season! So, when social media throws up #FekuDay and #AAPrilFool as among most popular #hashtags of the day, what does it reflect? Is it voter disillusionment over delivery deficit or a symbol of ever-growing restlessness of #hashtag generation? For Ajay Maken of Congress, these two #hashtags reflect the truth. But does Maken truly trust the Twitter mandate? The oldest party and the youngest media are yet to embrace each-other. Armed with about 150 million active users, social media is indeed driving influence? But does its opinion truly count?


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