Transfer & Posting: A True Make In India ‘Brand’

Vineet Chaudhary, Kusumjit Sidhu, Keshni Anand Arora! Do these names ring a bell? No! On a day Ashok Khemka is back in news, these names quietly tell their own story! Vineet Chaudhary, 1982 HP civil servant, holds the record of being the most transferred babu (56 times). Kusumjit Sidhu, 1979 Punjab cadre officer, has been transferred 48 times while 1983 batch Haryana cadre officer Keshni Anand Arora 46 times. Haryana leads the pack with five of the 10 most transferred babus in India. Giving company to Khemka and Arora is Mohammed Shayin, another (2002 batch) Haryana babu; 23 transfers as of date. Haryana earlier gave India Aya Ram Gaya Ram political syndrome and now boasts of being the Transfer/Posting capital of India. As Khemka takes up his new role at the Museum, politicians of all hues are busy building Transfer & Posting as the unique Make In India ‘success’ story!

26 Delhi Indian Government North Block Secretariat Building

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