Nuisance Is The New Nuance!

Controversial British documentary maker Leslee Udwin describes Giriraj Singh, Union minister and BJP parliamentarian from Bihar as “no better than a rapist”. Right or wrong, Udwin (who is upset for being denied the opportunity to screen her film on Nirbhaya) has added fuel to the fire. Singh has gifted ailing Congress a fair opportunity to grab airtime while his ‘regret’ is an infirm afterthought. Singh’s self goals are now a major embarrassment. He though is not alone and has company across political divides. Ability to throw filth unites politicians like never before. Remember Mani Shankar Aiyar gifted Narendra Modi and BJP the “Chay Pe Charcha” Guru Mantra. The tribe of Giriraj Singh and his clones is mushrooming by the minute. Civility in political discourse is sadly history as nuance has ceded space to nuisance. Nuisance is actually at a premium!

Congress Mahila Morcha protest against  Giriraj Singh

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