Divine Intervention Isn’t Forever!

Farmers Friday evening held atorch light procession in south Kashmir near the shrine of SheikhZain-u-din. They had a prayer on their lips to calm furious rain Gods. The legend has it that the Saint vanquished a demon on the day symbolizing triumph of good over evil. Divine interventions are most welcome but do they happen always? Ask farmers across India and their answer is a firm no. Eight states are adversely hit due to weather playingspoilsport. April rains have made it worse. A less than a firm monsoon and unseasonal rains have seriously damaged the farm economy. Farm suicides are on the rise again. Will India ever accord weather management the focus it deserves? Mitigating farmer woes through technology and fiscal measures is important. Unless & until predictability is under control, divine intervention is the only hope!

Devotees participate in torch light procession at Aishmuqaam, Kashmir Pic Courtesy: Rising Kashmir
Pic Courtesy: Rising Kashmir

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