Get fully APPtised!

Having a pure play digital avatar isn’t enough to help you stay contemporary. India is Appening! Big ticket action begins only when you are well-Apped. Malls made decade old desi shopping look glamorous offering choice as key USP. Online shopping got India to shop like never before! Internet mobility has momentum inherent in its DNA. Get set for shutting down your website and APP-enable yourself. With Myntra proposing to go pure APPway it is a matter of time before rivals follow. Being APP-enabled is about being on top of discounts! This explains grand success of e-commerce shopping format. Whatever is the format what Indians love the most about shopping is the ability to corner best discounts? Go grab the App if you do not want to be discounted? It is discount boom that keeps cash ringing at these firms too!

Courtesy: Business Today
Pic Courtesy: Business Today

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