YuWe Can!

Last time he represented India in Tests was in 2012. A year later he stopped playing ODIs. His last T20I outing was in 2014. This man is clearly out of form. But then why is he yet in currency? Having become the costliest IPL player, he has kept his date with records alive. Isn’t he the same man who sometime back famously said “Jab tak balla chalta hai, thaat chalte hain. Warna…” What is it with this 2011 WC Hero that he manages to stay on top even when his bat has stopped doing the talking? Yuvraj Singh gave success another name until a debilitating disease almost knocked him down. He bounced back to nurse another dream. Price tag apart his ability to stay afloat is phenomenal! Is Yuvraj’s ‘YesWeCan’ initiative a tribute to those who dare to dream?

Pic Courtesy: The Economic Times
Pic Courtesy: The Economic Times

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