Protest Politics Stinks!

Shiv Sena is protesting against Shoba De in Mumbai over her Twitter utterances. BJP is protesting the need to protest against her. BJP itself is protesting against the chief minister for his politicization of a tragic road rage incident in the capital. Earlier, AAP protested against BJP/Delhi police over the tragedy. Meanwhile, protests galore in Tamil Nadu with bus services to Andhra Pradesh hit over encounter killing of alleged smugglers. Up north, the protest capital of India, is back at it again; this time over a non issue. Separatist leaders are angry over a move to develop township for Kashmiri Pandits living in forced exile for 25 years. The protest list is merely illustrative and not exhaustive. A day doesn’t go when protests don’t make headlines. Protests sadly tend to define the India story. Move over headlines. India is on the move.

Pic Courtesy: The Tribune
Pic Courtesy: The Tribune

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