Grow up, Kohli!

Virat Kohli is an angry man today! The nation was angry the day India tamely surrendered to Aussies! Kohli just about managed a lacklustre outing this World Cup. “Hurt” Kohli now wants his critics to feel “ashamed”. If his on field performance left a lot to be desired so did  behaviour of fans that targeted Kohli’s personal life. But is Kohli under fire purely for his on field performance? Didn’t he make headlines early this World Cup while having an avoidable showdown with a sports writer? Is there an issue with his ability to cope with sudden success and fame? Kohli and his generation have got the verve and passion but perhaps not the right temperament? He is a deserving icon and there rests a huge responsibility on him to shape up DNA of young and restless India. Learn to duck!



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