Ghar Wapsi!

Given the huge interest in his absence, his return is yet a non event. Remember how family retainers pushed the right to leave argument amid controversy over his sudden departure. Now the Parivar was there to receive him on behalf of the party. The customary loud bursting of firecrackers outside Rahul Gandh’s house has though failed to deafen the rising noise over his future. There is no visible excitement even as loyalists claim to draw up a busy itinerary ahead to proclaim his work ethics. The moot question is did anyone in the party (except immediate family) miss him? When family is another name for party the ground reality does not always reflect. Gandhi deserves a holiday as much as the party deserves a leader who can take it out from the long sabbatical it has got into.

Pic Courtesy: The Hindu
Pic Courtesy: The Hindu

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