Achhe Din For Democracy?

For many months of NDA government, you just heard one voice, again and again. Suddenly, you are spoiled for choice! NDA’s Land Bill has gifted the opposition its voice back. Using unseasonal rains (that added to the woes of farmers in many parts of the country) as a God sent opportunity, politicians are out to outdo one-another, as they aim to draw political dividend. Rahul Gandhi is busy completing his Left turn while the Left is happy to toe the Congress line. Having successfully killed internal democracy, Arvind Kejriwal too is busy farming his national ambition. Then there is the Parivar just united by the quest for power. Suddenly there is huge competition for share of opposition voice. It is Achhe Din for democracy if only there is more to it than mere re-launches. To keep noise out, welcome genuine differentiators!

Pic Courtesy: DNA India
Pic Courtesy: DNA India

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