Who is Gajendra Singh?

Gajinder Singh’s tragic death has put farmer issue centre-stage. This has spurred ugly politicking. Remember Kalavati who made national headlines even as she continued to live in penury. Visit of a prominent political visitor didn’t change her fortunes. Thereby hangs a sordid tale. Agriculture poverty is a rich political constituency. Much publicized loan waiver schemes have yielded votes but not fundamentally altered the life of a farmer. The ventilator economy model has not helped the sector because agrarian economy is primarily unviable in India. Ever falling land holding made worse by dropping productivity and refusal to change traditional mindsets have led to decay. Political correctness demands agriculture is continually kept in the ICU. But that is not at all in the interest of the nation. Let 1.2 billion minds rise to dispassionately come up with out of box solutions.

Pic Courtesy: Getty Images
Pic Courtesy: Getty Images

One thought on “Who is Gajendra Singh?

  1. Tragic ‘comedy of errors’. I think we are wasting a big & expensive piece of canvas by allowing the toddler in Kejriwal to learn to how to draw a straight line. We can only afford a Tuglaq-in-making only at our own peril .


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