Sachin Aala Re!

Name a batting record and most likely it will bear his name. They call him the record keeper of world cricket. He might have hung his bat two years ago but his smile endures. Every time cameras flash his beaming face, the nation yet chants ‘Sachin Sachin’. Embodiment of skill, attitude, and endurance, Sachin Tendulkar turned 42 today. As busy as ever, he wears many hats today: Family man, mentor, brand ambassador, commentator, and entrepreneur. Having served the country diligently for over two decades, a huge task awaits the legend. India needs Sachin Tendulkar to locate another Sachin Tendulkar. The task at hand is not easy but sure enough achievable. This task will sure give the Bharat Ratna unrivalled joy. BCCI must engage and empower him through a robust process to identify, harness and host Sachin 2.0! Sachin Aala Re!

Pic Courtesy:
Pic Courtesy:

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