Neither Tired, Nor Retired!

Ratan Tata is back at it! The 77-year old has invested in Chinese smart phone maker Xiaomi describing it as among the fastest growing global companies. This is his ninth start-up investment ever since he hung up his boots at Tata in 2012. Tata’s recent investments reflect a new zest for life: High-altitude wind energy generation, e-commerce, online jewellery & furniture retail, auto portal, affordable health service, rural banking, and mobile Internet services, etc. Tata has company. At 84, legendary investor Warren Buffett is busy preparing for his annual newspaper toss competition next week where he ideates with thousands of employees drawn from hundreds of companies he has invested in. Berkshire expects record ideas driven 40K people on May 3.  Age is just a number! Neither tired nor retired! It is all about starting-up a new innings! Thank You, gentlemen!



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