Fertile Yoga, Infertile Politics!

Ramdev has done great service by popularizing Yoga. He has freed thousands from the throes of ailments. But he has also done disservice to the art he has come to master. His open flirtation with NDA has soured the purity of art he champions. Now he is at the centre of yet another controversy over promoting a ‘son producing’ medicine from his Ayurveda pharmacy. Political opponents have targeted him for promoting gender stereotype. His defence has been most bizarre: “A Fakir (mendicant) is being used to target Wazir (Prime Minister).”  Now that the damage is done, Modi led NDA can cut losses by showing the door to the Guru turned entrepreneur. Ramdev has his task cut out: If he does not want his spawning  FMCG business to turn infertile he must stop promoting ‘Putrajivik’ and stay away from politics, please!

Pic Courtesy: dailymail.co.uk
Pic Courtesy: dailymail.co.uk

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