Exclusive Is Inclusive!

Exclusivity is the order of the day! Arun Shourie just spoke exclusively to a private TV Channel. Motorala resurrected itself tying up here exclusively with an e-ecommerce firm. Direct sales marketing companies sell exclusively. Then there are exclusive credit cards, debit cards, access cards to luxury spas and health centres, etc. Exclusivity manifests itself in many avatars: economic, social, socio-economic, political, ethnic, and religious or even a blend of these factors. The partition spawned refugee colonies for obvious reasons. Exclusive settlements based on homogeneity abound today: Housing societies for teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. Kashmiri migrants are seeking a religious housing cluster in NCR even as the upwardly mobile in the Valley have since deserted the down town to embrace safety. And they all live together peacefully! So what is wrong in granting Exclusive Township to Kashmiri Migrants in the Valley?

Pic Courtesy: The Hindustan Times
Pic Courtesy: The Hindustan Times

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