Ek Hai Tiger!

Adored by millions for his ability to charm the box office, this celebrity actor has perennially courted controversy. True to his diverse onscreen roles, Salman Khan has reinvented himself in real life as well. The Dabang actor recently played the big Bhai role to perfection marrying off Arpita like a princess. Unmindful of many twists and turns in the long winding hit and run case, the Wanted actor has delivered hit after hit. What makes him tick in face of sheer adversity? It is easy to play insane on screen but real life is an all together different story! Being human he would be mindful of the consequences of a potential conviction. But Khan has sure mastered the art of living for the present. Tomorrow is another day! Not so for his fans who will always sing Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya!



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