U-Turn For Boardroom!

Quite common in politics, U-turns have now come to define the way to do business. The headline grabbing U-turn resignation at top Internet housing company has set many new precedents. It isn’t common to see a CEO publicly junk his promoters in his resignation letter and then withdraw it soon after with a pack of Smileys and an apology. It has been the swiftest ever end to a bitter battle over control of a company that became famous overnight for being the darling of global investors. Many would attribute the board room drama to the act of brashness on part of a young executive who got there on an escalator. GenX CEO is free of any baggage and is driven by the maxim everything is fair in love and war. Fair enough as long as it lasts!

Pic Courtesy: Channelweb.co.uk
Pic Courtesy: Channelweb.co.uk

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