Go, Get Them!

Veteran banker K V Kamath’s appointment as first head of BRICS Bank is significant in many ways. It signals the Modi government’s commitment to rope in private sector talent where it matters most. This is in departure from the tradition of packing in choice bureaucrats and politicians in plum government positions. Modi government’s intent became clear when it appointed a non politician and non babu to head Niti Ayog. Soon after renowned journalist A Suryaprakash was appointed Prasar Bharti Chairman. In between coal ministry dared to invite applications for its CMD from private sector. All eyes are now on top PSU banks where private sector talent is being invited to fill top slots. This well meaning intent has to be matched by ground action in terms of improved processes, pay scales and structures for getting the talent the government deserves.

Pic Courtesy: Sahil Ahuja
Pic Courtesy: Sahil Ahuja

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