Kiss & Make-Up!

As pundits sweat over the actual outcome of the Modi China visit, there should be no doubt over the phenomenal chemistry on display between two strong leaders of two countries. Chemistry is important in context of India China relations marred as they are by legacy issues. By dwelling on the cultural connect the two leaders have set off negativity to a large extent. With a combined 33% population aggregating to 2.5 billion human beings, the loud voice emanating out of the deliberations in China is that the idea of the Asian century is most potent today. Intractable issues plaguing bilateral relations haven’t been ducked but to expect an overnight solution is being unrealistic. It’s is a marathon! The broad sweep of agreements signed indicates the growing trust level. The global re-balancing of power necessitates that India and China kiss and make up!

Pic Courtesy:
Pic Courtesy:

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