End Political Sloganeering!

As raging debate over whether Acche Din have actually come or not persists, the slogan is on everyone’s lips. First used by Narendra Modi during his election campaign, the slogan is now in big ticket surround mode. Achhe Din author deserves all praise for gifting politicians of all hues a new lease of life. To be in the frame, Congress observed May 26 as Acche Din death anniversary on completion of year one of Modi government. Catchy slogans make for catchy headlines! But is politics all about battle of headlines? Fixation with slogans shows poverty of our political discourse. We all know what Garibi Hatao slogan did to India and Shining India did to BJP. Suit Boot Ki Sarkar slogan makes for catchy headline but does it bring Acche Din? Slogans matter but what matters most is ground level positive change.

Pic Courtesy: The Economic Times
Pic Courtesy: The Economic Times

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