TWMR: Women On Top?

Tanu Weds Manu Returns rocks! This is a typical Bollywood blockbuster. But to celebrate it as women oriented film is highly fallacious. In the ultimate analysis TWMR is all about the choice a man makes about two strong women out to woo him. The vulnerable man is not sure of what to do until the end. The institution of marriage that he betrays in the first place finally comes to his rescue. The film flatters to deceive. Scripting two contrasting powerful women characters in an unconventional role, it is convention that finally prevails. The winner choice is elitist and lacks merit. That a self made national level athlete drawn from the rest of India is made to lose to a flirtatious married woman is as unfair as it demoralising. Dattu should have won to make it a truly women oriented film.


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