Playing With Fire!

Competitive politics portends well for democracy. Ironically, in case of the Valley, two major local political parties have engaged in a political slugfest to publicly appease the separatists and whip up anti India sentiments. The ruling PDP can run away with credit for feeding the separatist sentiment. Not to be left behind the opposition too has joined the fray. A hapless BJP is caught in the crossfire even as it claims to be at the right place at the right time. What about right action? National Conference leader Mustafa Kamal (brother of Dr Farooq Abdullah) says there is nothing wrong with hosting of Pakistan flag. Traditionally Valley politicians have perfected the art of not rubbing the separatists the wrong way. Ruling at the Centre and a first time partner in the state government, BJP can no longer be happy playing Dhitrashtra.

Pic Courtesy: Getty Images/Hindustan Times
Pic Courtesy: Getty Images/Hindustan Times

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