Umpires Are Stars Too!

Sundaram Ravi! The name does not ring a bell. You have most probably seen him but would not remember him by his name. Thereby hangs a sad tale! Ravi has broken an 11 year drought for India. For a country where cricket is religion, India went unrepresented on the 22 yards for more than a decade. Having now been included in the elite International Cricket Council (ICC) elite, Ravi has filled a void created 11 years ago with the retirement of S Venkataraghvan. Not to play the spoilsport in the all round celebratory sentiment, one should shy away from asking the key question: why is that India fails to produce world standard umpires? India is home to all formats of the game with the sport being played in each nook and corner of the country.  BCCI has to take responsibility and act on priority!

Pic Courtesy: ICC/Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: ICC/Indian Express

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