Kamaal Ki Jodi!

The Railways ministry under Suresh Prabhu deserves praise for some out of box thinking. Battling unsuccessfully the ever growing passenger push, Railways proposes to tie-up with airline operators to accommodate its wait listed passengers at a minor extra cost. For decades Railways has sought to fight airlines quoting tariff as a weapon. Now is the time for some strategic alliances putting consumer interest above all. The arrangement in works is with Spice Jet but must include other airlines as well. Earlier, under Laloo Prasad Yadav,  the Tatkal quota was expanded adding to passenger comfort and Railway revenues. It is another matter brokers usurped the Tatkal quota charging extra money under the table. The dynamic fare charged now under the Premium Train series too is a good move. It shows the confidence to be radical without being hostage to legacy issues.

Pic Courtesy: ibtimes.com
Pic Courtesy: ibtimes.com

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