Laloo, The Gr8 Gambler!

Laloo Prasad Yadav does not believe in playing second fiddle to anyone? So why did he accede to Nitish Kumar as his Chief Ministerial candidate? Officially, the decision is born out of the need to somehow keep BJP away from Bihar. Unofficially, his decision to stick to Nitish, is born out of a risky political gamble. Now that he and his wife are out of reckoning and their children yet not formally into politics, the veteran politician wants to play the Bihar king maker. Nitish and Laloo aren’t ideological partners as their love hate love relationship rests on politics of convenience. With Jitin Manjhi joining NDA, the already tight Bihar electoral math can swing either way. Should the verdict not favour Nitish, it might well be curtains down for one of the most controversial yet entertaining politicians of our times.



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