‘Mahabharat’ @ FTII!

As politically motivated student union protests the appointment of the new head at India’s premier Film and Television Training Institute of India (FTII), a dangerous trend is being encouraged by vested interests. A piquant situation has risen over the appointment of Gajendra Singh Chauhan to lead the Institute. At the heart of the matter is the ideological play of Chauhan. As a truly diverse polity it is high time we stop getting scandalized at the slightest hint of saffron. The Right deserves as much space and respect as either the Centre or the Left. Ideology apart the key question that begs an answer is who best qualifies to lead FTII? The institute needs today an efficient administrator to improve faculty student ratio, improve industry linkages, global integration for best practices. FTII doesn’t have a creative license to stay frozen in time.

Pic Courtesy: The Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: The Indian Express

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