‘Resting’ The Controversy!!

Keen to douse the raging dressing room fire, Indian selectors have sent out strong message to both M S Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Both have been rested inducting a new look team led by Ajinkya Rahane. Officially, the omission is to give rest to senior players. The ‘rest’ decision is potent with meaning. Rahane, who failed to find Dhoni’s full attention in Bangladesh ODI series, has pleasantly got the top slot. Harbhajan Singh, who played his last ODI in 2011, makes an unexpected come back, signalling ever receding fortunes of Dhoni. Return of Robin Uttahappa as wicket keeper batsman shows fresh options are being exercised. Kohli’s absence has to be read in the context of his urge to be the natural leader choice for all formats of the game. All in all the selection deserves credit for being bold and innovative.



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