Politics Can Wait!

It does not take rocket science to figure out that the 1998 Kandhar hijack management was a disaster. But then 165 lives were saved in exchange for three hardcore terrorists. But why are we discussing this today? Simply because yet another ‘babu’ has chosen to ‘spill the beans’ in what is claimed to be a ‘tell all book’.  Babus in India have made a virtue of ‘revealing it all’ post retirement having lived a cushy life in corridors of power. There is no quarrel with bureaucrats turning authors to spice up their retirement life. But for someone heading the secret service discretion should prevail. Silence is golden when it comes to matters of national security. Now that the hijack issue has been revisited it is imperative that it does not get politicized. Our focus ought to be ensuring that Kandhar doesn’t recur. Politics can wait!

Pic Courtesy: NDTV
Pic Courtesy: NDTV

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