Missing Compassion!

The VIP culture refuses to die in India. Not just politicians but also celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports too tend to embrace the VIP culture with impunity. It is a matter of relief that yesteryear dream girl survived an accident involving her Mercedes and another small car but the loss of a two year child is indeed tragic. The child’s father has alleged that had her daughter received adequate attention she would perhaps have been saved. Actor turned politician Hema Malini has now tweeted girl’s father ought to have followed traffic rules to avoid the collision with her car. The local police maintain Hema’s driver was speeding. Neither she nor her relatives have yet visited the deceased’s family members getting treatment in hospital. True, reel life (socially alert grandmother of ‘Baghban’) and real life do not always converge!

Pic Courtesy: ANI
Pic Courtesy: ANI

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