Dialogue Is Imperative!

It is good that Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif have met. To criticize the meeting is to run away from the ground reality. Claims of any big ticket breakthrough, however, are exaggerated. As in the past, this joint statement too makes the right noises but is quiet on specifics. Too much is being read of the proposed military brass meeting for they have met in the past too. The two NSAs can sure meet but they too have been anyway part of earlier deliberations. India’s NSA is career intelligence officer while that from Pakistan is a career politician. Both have backing of their respective bosses. The key takeaway for India is complete absence of K-word from the statement. Going forward, Pakistan is unwilling to relent on Kashmir. Both, India and Pakistan, would, however, do well to remember that dialogue is imperative.

Pic Courtesy: Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

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