Questions, More Questions?

When a newspaper headline said “No one killed Jessica” it stirred the nation’s consciousness. The case accused is behind bars. There, though, is no closure yet on overall stranglehold of money and muscle power in India. But crimes of passion are not always about power play! The tragic murder of teenager Aarushi in 2008 bared the ugliest side of modern day human relationships. Amidst severely polarized opinion on whether or not Aarushi’s parents were behind the gruesome murder, the law settled for their conviction. This numbed the very essence of the eternal family value in India leading to several unanswered questions. Investigative journalist Avirook Sen’s just released book ‘Aarushi’ claims Talwars were framed. This has rekindled debate on who killed her then? Are we yet again succumbing to the lure of a catchy headline? Aarushi, for sure, deserves an honest answer!


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