Team India?

Congress Chief Ministers’ staying away from the Niti Ayog meet chaired by Prime Minister has not come as a surprise. But the political import of the boycott  should not be lost on anyone. The open confrontation between non NDA ruled states and Centre on Land Bill does not augur well for India. NDA came into power promising to govern under the spirit of ‘Team India’! The mood in recent months, however, has turned negative. Fears of monsoon session being washed out abound. India voted decisively for it badly seeks change for positive. Individual egos have to merge into the brand ego of India. Realpolitik demands greater understanding of dissent. The responsibility for materializing dreams of millions of Indians lies equally at the doorstep of each elected representative. As first among equals, Modi has to lead by example. Remember numbers don’t lie!

Pic Courtesy: PIB
Pic Courtesy: PIB

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