#BajrangiBaijaanTomorrow is already trending! Each year Eid Salman Khan Stardom skyrockets: record new box office numbers. Action hero at 50 is Salman Khan’s own way to better his earlier performances. Producers bet on him as never before on his ability to drive traffic. Mega releases bearing his insignia are already scheduled until 2017. This raises an important question: Does age defy success or success defies age? At 42 Leander Paes won two major titles in 2015 pairing with Martina Hingis, 35. Both have proved age is just another number. Tom Cruise (53) is self stunting for Mission Impossible. Anil Kapoor, 58, has ensured he remains mint fresh. Amitabh Bachhan, 72, is evergreen, carving out roles that redefine the art of histrionics. Call it the new emerging trend of 60s being new 40s and 40s being new 20s’, there is a happy zing about life courtesy these new age role models.



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