Nation First, Ideology Second!

He was born 100 years ago and died in 1987. Not a word was heard about him during last 20 years. Why then is he the national headline? Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Union Finance Minister and J&K Chief Minister, among others, got together  to observe Congress veteran G L Dogra birth anniversary in Jammu. Dogra fits in perfectly into the new age anniversary politics promoted by NDA under Modi. PM is on a mission to celebrate contribution of national icons of all political hues. Not being prisoner of your own ideology and placing service to the nation above all is a welcome step. The Modi pitch was first evident during Lok Sabha polls when he hailed Sardar Patel. NDA then set up a memorial for Narasimaha Rao denied to him by Congress. Get set now for Kamraj Darshan! Congress apart, no one else is complaining.

Pic Courtesy: DD News
Pic Courtesy: DD News

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