‘Aashiqui’ Endures! Magic Elusive!

Aashiqui! The simple musical love story that turned debutants into overnight super stars turns 25 today. Time to celebrate for the film changed many rules of the game. Love stories have been told earlier as well but perhaps not with as much impact. The mint fresh approach in Aashiqi stole hearts of millions. The love story theme endures but box office success around it is far from guaranteed. Aashiqui 2 music struck a chord but overall the movie fell woefully short of the promise. The ever elusive Bollywood success formula raises a few pertinent questions: a) do great movies get made accidentally b) does success come with an expiry date? c) how does talent enhance its shelf life? No easy answers for sure. Barring Kumar Sanu original Aashiqui star cast is merely a thing of the past! Thereby hangs a tale!



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