Wedding 2.0!

With popular global adult dating site Ashley Madison disrobed by hackers, several ‘well settled’ marriages are bound to get under the cloud. Adultery is as old as marriage. Marriage is sacred while infidelity is not. India takes pride in the institution of marriage. New age fads like ‘live in’ and the lure of individualism have lately come to strain the institution. Marriage, like any other institution under stress, needs a mega makeover. The idea is not to tinker with the core of the institution of marriage – the virtue of accommodation leading to mutual trust and respect. The aim is create excitement around the idea of togetherness. Togetherness is the leitmotif of the institution of marriage. Celebrate togetherness for each milestone matters in the journey of life. Hence, remarry every decade to endure the joy of togetherness. Enjoy life as a big party!



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