Gurdaspur Lessons!

BJP is playing with fire. It must act before it is too late. The nation has been grievously wounded in Gurdaspur confirming fears of return of militancy in Punjab. As investigators piece together the remains of the bloody trail, politics around terror has raised its ugly head. BJP, part of the ruling alliance, cannot run away from the charge that the state government has been soft on terror.  BJP catapulted to local partner in 1993 Delhi bomb blast convict D S Bhullar transfer case to state. Post Gurdaspur terror attack, Punjab Chief Minister lost no time to pass the buck to centre. In neighbouring J&K, where BJP shares power with PDP, the story is no different. Mufti administration has publicly emboldened separatists. All this while, BJP is preoccupied in somehow staying on in power in two strife torn states.

Pic Courtesy: Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

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