Hamen Tumse Pyar Kitna……

He died almost 30 years ago. But the genius endures. The millennial generation simply adores him. The maestro, who belted musical hits for every season and every mood, is a rage among India’s youth. He effortlessly connects various generations of music lovers. The musical phenomenon makes you cry, laugh and love at the same time. Meet Kishore Kumar: Singer, lyricist, composer, actor, producer, director and screen writer. Kumar’s indelible impression on GenX bears testimony to his outstanding talent. It also points to the yet to be filled void left by his untimely death. It is not that India today does not have talent. What is missing is the ability to endure it. Key factors behind inability to sustain talent today include inability to stay focused, artfully innovate and above all handle instant success. Kishore Kumar truly holds the mirror! Any takers?

Pic Courtesy: Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

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