Men In White!

They wrote its obituary long ago! But the ongoing Ashes series has shown the test match game cannot be over until the last ball is bowled. This series has shown test cricket is as competitive as ever. The humbling of mighty Australians for a paltry 60 shows there are no holy cows in test cricket. The only thing certain about this glorious game of uncertainties is performance. 2015 has marked a remarkable journey for test cricket. Some recent outstanding performances have made test cricket eminently watchable. The emergence of Bangladesh as the giant killer has reinforced faith in test cricket. But to keep the white men in business, a multi-pronged approach is required: a) making it mandatory for emerging talent to pass test cricket test, b) preparation of secular pitches, c) boards bringing in attractive schemes for footfalls and d) sponsors betting fundamentally on the gentleman’s game.

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Pic Courtesy:


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