Back To ‘Tu Tu Main Main’ Politics!

A dirty political war of words has erupted on the eve of Bihar polls. The ‘tu tu main main’ syndrome has got amplified with dramatis personae playing fully to the gallery. The omnipresent Outside Broadcast (OB) vans beaming pictures live into millions of homes have only helped add to the drama. The art of political communication got redefined with the 2014 elections. This is 2015 and the fight is for an assembly election and not a national poll. The learning here is that it is not always that the medium is the message. For a country like India that yet faces enormous socio-economic challenges, the medium has to be subservient to the message and not the vice versa. Political communication has to embrace substance over style to ultimately make a difference to the voter. India can ill afford losing sight of the ground reality.

Pic Courtesy:
Pic Courtesy:

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