Peerless ‘Sholay’!

It is remarkable that ‘Sholay’ manages to grab headlines 40 years after it first went on air. The film redefined art of cinema in India with consumers of all ages till date singing paeans to its glory. That we have not had another film like ‘Sholay’ adds to the mystery surrounding its unprecedented success. As we soak in the anniversary moment, a few important questions beg an answer: a) Do great pieces of creativity happen by part genius and part accident? b) Why is replication not as successful? (Great Sippy brothers haven’t found same magic again as haven’t Barjatyas post ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’?  c) Will there ever be formulae to crack box office success? No easy answers but one definite learning is there: originals remain originals. Sequels only dilute the original. Remember RGV’s Aag. Even Big B could not douse the fire!



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