#OROP: End Pension Tension!

When an Army jawan sacrificed his life for the honor of a female teenager, big ticket politics was playing at Jantar Mantar, venue of  #OneRankOnePension ex-servicemen protest. The Independence Day eve run-in rubbed salt into their wounds. Sensing opportunity politicians of all hues are out there to extract their pound of flesh. Distraught as they are, ex-servicemen response shows desperation. The indefinite fast decision shows they have succumbed to lure of pressure politics. The Modi government is yet to announce #OROP implementation date despite holding out assurances. This has dismayed ex-servicemen. Defence forces stand alone as a great shining example of selfless service staying away from any politics. The hunger strike move sets a dangerous precedent that might undermine morale of millions of foot soldiers serving the country. Having given the commitment, Modi must announce a date without any further delay.

Pic Courtesy: The Hindu
Pic Courtesy: The Hindu


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