Name & Shame Them!

Like it or not, India is the public defecation capital of the world. Now it is quoting global attention for public masturbation by its men. Public defecation is primarily a function of sanitation woes. But the public masturbation syndrome is a fall-out of mental deficit reflected in perverted minds. The latest episode involving an American woman working in Mumbai shows little or no improvement in mindset post the Nirbhaya tragedy that shook the nation’s conscience. Absence of fear of law & order is an obvious reason for such sick mentality but most importantly the decay occurs due to lack of social education at home. Parents in India have to bring about a paradigm shift in their thinking: stop mollycoddling sons and get them to behave. For this to happen parents themselves have to believe in the girl child as God’s true gift.

Pic Courtesy: AFP
Pic Courtesy: AFP

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