Hurriyat Bouncer?

Kashmir is a graveyard of reputations. Modi has flattered to deceive. As a result BJP is nursing serious wounds inflicted by its alliance partner.  The separatist forces have got a fillip thanks to PDP taking charge. With BJP keen to force its point of view, there is no consistency in engagement with the Hurriyat. Perennially at cross with each-other, PDP & BJP have together made a mockery of governance forcing the electorate into the lap of anti-India forces. Omar Abdullah led NC in a bid to reclaim lost constituency has found it prudent to lean on the separatist space for political oxygen. The young Abdullah impressed during his tenure as a central minister in Vajpayee government but was at a loss during his tenure as chief minister. Now out of power he sees demons everywhere. Sad! It is free for all.

Pic Courtesy: IndiaTV
Pic Courtesy: IndiaTV

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