Will Sensex touch 30,000?

Whatever comes up has to go down. This quite sumps up the Sensex story. The stock market has witnessed another bloodbath. A trip down the memory lane shows why there is no need to unduly panic. Sensex touched 1000 mark on July 25, 1990. It maintained a Hindu rate of growth for more than a decade breaching 5000 end 1999. The big jump happened when Sensex raced past 10000 in 2006 to scale 21000 early 2008. Thereafter, bears stole the limelight pulling the 30-stock index down to 9975 during late 2008. There is inevitability of a gain and loss at stock market. India is no longer insulated today from the rest of the world. US, China sneeze and India catches a cold. Globally inter-linked markets are not a panacea for all ills. But they are a firm step towards an equitable wealth generation. Fundamentals must hold for tomorrow is another day!

Pic Courtesy: india.com
Pic Courtesy: india.com

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